Why NexaHealth Ventures?


With over 30 years of experience in delivering service excellence, NexaHealth experience in medical tourism remains top notch. Our team's experience and associations with global institutions ensure world-class service and value-for-money. 

NexaHealth Ventures

NexaHealth Ventures was started in January 2017 to provide highly effective and cost-saving medical treatment in India to international patients from developed, developing and under-developed countries, who require medical attention and treatment on priority. We offer a comprehensive service package that includes consultation with patient's doctor and medical team, treatment plan, travel arrangements, concierge services, accommodation, visa and related paperwork, to providing a direct channel of communication with the hospital, doctor and medical team that will treat the patient. Since March 2017, we have catered to 326 patients from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Iraq, Libya, UK, and USA for a variety of procedures.

Nexahealth Ventures also focus on Healthcare Delivery, bringing comprehensive expertise for solving our clients’ most critical business challenges. We specialize in helping healthcare organizations achieve superior clinical results and exceptional business performance.

Our expertise spans the lifecycle of healthcare delivery and management from developing entry strategies and commissioning new facilities, to achieving business excellence and growth in existing ventures. We bring a robust grounding in healthcare services, a repository of best practices from healthcare and other industries, and a strong execution orientation to implement, monitor, and sustain change.

Nexahealth Ventures recently stepped into 'O&M' (Operate & Manage) business model. Under this initiative, we take over the running of hospitals from administrative perspective and help the Promoters of the hospital deliver their EBITDA or charitable aspirations.  

What makes us at NexaHealth unique - 


  • Our team's experience and associations with global institutions ensure world-class service and value-for-money.

  • We enable hospitals that build frameworks that follow strict international patient safety norms, in-line with internationally accepted accreditations such as JCI, ISQua, NABH, ISO etc,. This ensures that they follow stringent safety measures and quality standards.

  • We provide 360-degree management services at healthcare institutions - branding, strategy, staffing, inventory management, healthcare infrastructure  and inventory management etc. This enables medical professionals to focus on what they do best - deliver their patients the best possible care

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